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Car Service & Engine Rebuilds

Specializing Honda, 2JZ and RB , V8 ( LS1, LS2 LS3 LS7 L98 L76.)

Turbo Kits / Performance Upgrades

Top of the line Turbo Kits and Performace Products including HKS, Garret, GReddy and more.

Dyno Tuning & All Diagnosing Tools

Here at Team K Kustoms we supply a whole variety of services!

We use only Top of the line Products

We use only top of the line products suitable only for your car! Some examples include;

Haltech, Microtech, Garret, Tomei, Crower, XForce Exhaust and more.


Services that we Provide.

Fully Equipt Workshop Log Book Servicing
Here at Team K kustoms our scheduled maintenance will keep your car running longer and stronger. From belts to batteries, brake jobs to wheel alignment, exhaust to air conditioning, suspension systems to filters. We will provide you with top quality services fitted within your budget.
Performance Upgrades
We use Top of the Line products best suitable for you vechicle. Bringing out the full potential and best performance. Engines we

Specialize in are Honda Engines, 2JZand RB , V8 ( LS1, LS2 LS3 LS7 L98 L76.)

Dyno Tuning
We can calibrate your engines air/fuel ratio at any rev range which enables up to increase fuel economy aswell as by increasing reliability and power. We only use top of line tuning software VCM Suite Australia. Tuning products for all GM LS Motors and Ford BA to FG turbo.
More Services

Custom exhaust systems, to suit all makes and models Euro, Japan, Aus, Intercooler piping, Turbo Manifolds, All Metal Fabrications, Injector Services, Engine Rebuilding, Head and Cam Packages for al LS Motors, Turbo Upgrades, Port and Polishing head services, Cam Shaft Upgrades, Tyres and Wheel Balancing.